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What Am I Up To Lately in 2003?

7th September 2003, 12:16am

Gary was right. He was a guy I knew at UWA who mocked me when I got my first Palm digital assistant. While I'm ranting about how organized and productive it's going to make me, he always said that "it's a substitute brain". And he's right, because ever since I got my Palm my memory has been getting worse.

If you ask me what I did this month, you'll get the answer "I can't remember". It's only a half truth - there's some things I can remember doing, and some of those I'm not going to tell you. See, I learned something from Yoga lessons, and that is:

"Don't tell anyone else you're taking Yoga lessons unless you want to be mocked and called Gumby or Flexi-Boy."

As for all the work I've been doing, as soon as it's finished it's out of my mind. It's all in the "substitute brain". But since people have asked me what I've been up to lately, here's a few things I've been up to since I last updated the website:










That's just a small selection of the things I've been doing. I've been up to plenty more, but some of it is secret, some of it I'm not ready to announce publicly, and some of it is personal. Or possibly, I just forgot to mention it.