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What Am I Up To Lately, in 2004?

15th April 2004, 11:00am

So I haven't been keeping my website up to date. And I haven't been keeping in touch as often with past friends. But does that really warrant all the "Are you still alive?" emails I've been getting recently? Okay, perhaps it does. So, to placate those who keep asking "Are you dead?" (and there's been several of you), here's what I've been doing the last few months.


Wow. I've been reading more than one book a month and I never even realized. Since I started reading business books I've been a much more prolific reader. It's easy once you have interesting books to read.







And I think that's it. I've probably been up to more than that, but I just can't remember it all. That should be enough to prove that I'm still alive though.