NS Newsletter 014: 19 August 2003

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      n a m e s u p p r e s s e d   n e w s l e t t e r   0 1 4

                          august 19th 2003

[this issue]

      *  namesuppressed nominated for song of the year
      *  canada declares that i'm a geek
      *  graphics and audio news
      *  new releases - plaid lite, webscriber
      *  fresh look for ns & syneryder
      *  kenny speaks procmail, lotus and c#
      *  comments & feedback
      *  special newsletter discount
      *  signing off

[namesuppressed nominated for song of the year]

miss the big news of the year?  namesuppressed was nominated in the
song of the year 2003 awards run by wami (the wa music industry
association).  theme from fingers was nominated in the soundtrack /
film score / experimental category.

the competition was tough and included leon anon from beaverloop (a
popular perth band signed to sony) and johannes luebbers, last year's
abc young composer of the year.  johannes won the category award for
his track "green lantern".

you can still download theme from fingers, read how it came about, and
confirm for yourself that this is not a belated april fools joke from
the links below.

  get fingers:   https://namesuppressed.com/ns/downloads.shtml
  song history:  https://namesuppressed.com/ns/track-fingerstheme.shtml
  wam:           http://www.wam.asn.au/wsoty.htm

[canada declares that i'm a geek]

i'm a geek and now all of vancouver knows it.  the canadian radio
station "99.3 the fox" fm featured the kenny translator on their show
"geek of the week" on august 14th.  it's a show that features funny
or bizarre websites, such as "bushspeak hangman" or panasonic's
prototype to use human blood to power electrical devices.

i won't embarrass the others who helped make the kenny translator,
even if their names are greg, nigel or simon.  check the site credits.

  99.3 the fox:  http://www.cfox.com/station/geeks.cfm
  kennify:       https://www.namesuppressed.com/kenny/

[graphics and audio news]

* harry from the plugin site has released focalblade, a great new
  photoshop plugin for sharpening photographs precisely and easily.
  definitely one of the best plugins going round right now.

* syntrillium announced that they are selling their technology assets
  to adobe.  cool edit 2000 & pro are being discontinued, replaced
  with a windows-only program called adobe audition, due this month.

* adobe also announced that "it didn't make financial sense to
  support the mac anymore", and ceased development of premiere for
  the macintosh.  this follows a similar move by microsoft, who have
  stopped development of internet explorer for macintosh.

* nielsen soundscan has started tracking sales of downloadable music
  for the first time.  the first week download charts show the public
  wants cyndi lauper - her 1983 hit "time after time" has made the top
  10.  the charts include sales from apple itunes, liquid audio,
  realnetworks, roxio and musicnet.

* vast (known for the albums "visual audio sensory theater" and
  "music for people") have released a pre-mix version of their
  forthcoming album "turquoise" as 10 downloadable mp3 tracks, for the
  incredibly low price of $2.99.  the catch is, they only accept
  payments via paypal.  check for the link on their message boards.

* farewell "mosaic" and say hello to "the lullabies", the new band
  with april parker, dave bowyer, and some guy i don't know.

  focalblade:  http://thepluginsite.com/products/photowiz/
  syntrillium: http://www.syntrillium.com/news/article.html?91
  adobe/mac:   http://news.com.com/2100-1046_3-1023167.html
  go cyndi:    http://reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?storyID=3042753
  lullabies:   http://thethingswedo.net/daily/archives/000221.shtml
  vast:        http://www.realvast.com/

[new releases - plaid lite, webscriber]

new software out now from namesuppressed:

* plaid lite lets you create seamless plaids and tiling tartan
  patterns from any digital image.  you can rotate and magnify the
  plaid, change the patterns and use it to create website backgrounds
  or picture frames.  the response to plaid lite has been phenomenal
  and it looks set to be the most popular namesuppressed plugin.

  did you know that plaid is common in punk circles?  or that plaid
  was banned by the english in 1747 to try and suppress the scottish
  nationalist uprising?  see, plaid isn't "geeky"...


* webscriber is a *deepbreath* "web-based confirmed opt-in mailing
  list subscriptions manager" that makes it easy to subscribe and
  unsubscribe from ezmlm mailing lists.  namesuppressed uses it to
  manage the namesuppressed newsletter.

  you've probably seen similar systems on yahoo groups or topica - but
  webscriber is special because it runs on your own server, and it's
  specially designed to work with the ezmlm system.  if you've never
  heard of ezmlm, webscriber won't be of much interest - but if you're
  using ezmlm and need to increase subscribers, this is what you need.

  webscriber is in use by the best-selling lesbian magazine Curve to
  manage their large email list, and they've reported increased
  subscriptions and less support hassles since switching to webscriber.
  you can visit their site at curvemag.com to see it in action.

  webscriber:    https://namesuppressed.com/products/webscriber/
  online demo:   https://namesuppressed.com/cgi-bin/ezmlm/email.php
  curve:         http://www.curvemag.com/

[fresh look for ns & syneryder]

if you haven't been to namesuppressed.com in a while, you're in for a
surprise. the front page has a fresh new look, everything is easier to
find, and you can read all the latest namesuppressed news from the
front page.

the syneryder subsite has also been redesigned, with every page now in
xhtml 1.1 and css.  the result is a darker, spookier experience that
is much easier to read and prints well.

  front page:    https://www.namesuppressed.com/
  syneryder:     https://www.namesuppressed.com/syneryder/

[kenny speaks procmail, lotus and c#]

the kenny translator community has been busy as always:

* michiel van slobbe has released kennyspeak scripts for procmail.
  installing these scripts on your mail server will automatically
  encrypt and decrypt email messages in kennyspeak.  very cool!

* marco simon has developed a kenny translator for lotus notes. the
  instructions are in german, but it should be easy to work out what
  to do even if you don't speak or understand german.

* klaus hartke has released "yet another kenny translator
  implementation" (yakti), a c# version of kenny that will work on
  windows, linux and freebsd systems with .net or mono installed.

* there's a new downloads page that lists every official version of
  the kenny translator.  with 17 different versions available and more
  on the way, it's getting crazy... possibly even geeky....

  downloads:     https://namesuppressed.com/kenny/downloads.html
  yakti:         https://namesuppressed.com/software/yakti.zip
  procmail:      http://glas.its.tudelft.nl/~michiel/kenny/
  lotus notes:   http://www.marco-simon.de/ks4n.htm

[comments & feedback]

more feedback on softener from the shareware download sites:

* tarl fury at softpile.com said about softener: "i got some really
  nice effects with this one. easy-to-understand interface, and the
  price is more than fair. two thumbs up."

* paul's picks awarded softener 5 stars.  paul's picks can be quite
  selective, so i'm quite proud of this!

got some feedback on namesuppressed software, music or opinions?  now
is your chance to speak up.  be as scathing in your criticism as you
like, and with your permission i'll publish your responses in the next

  paulspicks:    http://www.paulspicks.com/
  softpile:      http://www.softpile.com/
  criticize:     feedback@namesuppressed.com

[special newsletter discount]

don't forget!  there's still a few days left to use your discount
coupon at the namesuppressed webstore.  share it with friends or keep
it to yourself, it's your choice.  here's the code again:


[signing off]

rumors are flying about a new graphics book featuring new plugins, an
animated short film with namesuppressed music, a brand new digital
camera magazine, and the world's longest website project coming to an
end.  what's this about a yellow tab & aqua and cocoa?  who is
spleeny?  which of these are red herrings?  stay tuned.

by the way, does anyone know where i can get an electric guitar fixed
in perth, australia?  my new guitar arrived doa.  can anyone help?

              .sucking you in like a fisch on a spoon.

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