NS Newsletter 021: 5 November 2011

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All new Simple Tools - 15 essential photo plugins

Introducing Simple Tools, our brand new Photoshop plugin collection. You can download the demo here:


Simple Tools comes with 15 essential photo effects, including:

The effects also come with the namesuppressed Photo Editor, a slimmed-down editor that loads faster than Photoshop & PSP. Tired of waiting for the big editors to start when you only need to rotate a photo? Try Simple Tools!

For a limited time, get a 25% discount on Simple Tools ($15 instead of $20... that's just $1 per plugin!) Use the discount code and web link below before the end of November to get your discount and save 25%:

Sorry! Discount code available to email subscribers only!

Autointerlace Free - new 32-bit & 64-bit plugin

After many many years, our free Autointerlace plugin has been updated. Autointerlace was our first Photoshop Plugin (back in 1998!) and creates simple interlace lines, like on old television screens.

The new Autointerlace Free is also our very first 64-bit Photoshop Plugin, so you can use it with Photoshop CS5 and PhotoLine 64-bit. If you have a 64-bit editor, we'd love you to you try it out and let us know if you find any bugs.

Softener 2 Minor Bugfixes

Softener 2 has been updated to v2.02, with lots of minor bugfixes. Still using Softener 1.xx? You can upgrade for 50% off here (just $12.50):


Softener 2 fixes the included namesuppressed Photo Editor on Windows 7 & Windows 8 systems. There's also some compatibility improvements for Windows 98 & 2000, Ubuntu Linux & WINE, some minor changes to the interface, and improvements to the automatic update system.

Corel releases Paint Shop Pro X4

Earlier this month Corel launched Paint Shop Pro X4. The improvements in X4 include speed improvements, a Tilt-Shift tool and HDR & Photo Blend tools.

Unfortunately, a bug in PSP X4 has caused many Photoshop plugins to not work properly on alpha layers, so we can't recommend the update just yet. But if you're interested in trying it out, the link to the website is below.

Webscriber Mailform Minor Bugfix

Due to a change in the latest version of PHP, we've released a very minor update to our Webscriber Mailform product. You only need to update to the new version if you are getting a warning in your PHP logfiles that "call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated". Check our Lost Code Lookup for download links to the new Webscriber Mailform if you're a registered Webscriber customer.

Listening Booth

Simple Tools was written while I was travelling, including in Germany to see the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. It's the world's biggest song contest with 140 Million viewers worldwide, including 500,000 viewers here in Australia.

Many of the songs I listened to while coding Simple Tools were songs from Eurovision 2011, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. If you've never seen Eurovision before, prepare yourself for wacky costumes & the crazy-but-awesome songs from Europe!

.stop dont say that its impossible cos i know its possible.

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