Hello World.

November 23, 2001

Finally... University has finished for another year. Uni has been particularly annoying this year, I haven't had time to get on with my own projects. My music has suffered the most - I don't think I've written anything new lately (except Rockstar Now, the Fatboy Slim remix I did earlier this year). It's time to rekindle my passions, to find my muse again.

For the first time in ages, I got to sit down for 4 hours straight and mess around with some audio experiments. Nothing too spectacular, mind you, because I'm still getting used to Jeskola's Buzz Tracker. I think it's time I learnt to use it, since Impulse Tracker (which I've used for 5 years now) doesn't support compressors or reverbs or any other effects regarded as essential by most recording engineers. I'll post a small MP3 of my experiment on the downloads page a bit later.

I've got some ideas of how I want to revamp this website - regular MP3 updates is just one of them. Be sure to stick around. This could get interesting.