Mixing Against The CPU

November 25, 2001

Messed around in Buzz some more today, loaded up the multitrack files of Superstar and tried mixing them again. I'd already tried months ago, but with all the effects (reverbs, EQs etc) I'd put on each track the computer slowed to a crawl, causing the sound to stutter and break up. Since then, the challenge has been to find a way to mix the song without overloading the CPU.

Today's experiment involved the Ethernet network I installed between my two computers last week (all by myself, I'm so proud! *sniff!*). My plan was to put half the tracks on one computer and run the other half over the network, so the load was spread between the two computers. Nice theory, but in practice it slowed the computers even more!! So that's the end of the network idea.

I did find a way to get all 8 tracks playing at once, I just ripped out all the effects and mixers and plugged each track straight into the Master output. It worked, I could play the whole song, and it even worked if I slapped a compressor on each audio track. But as soon as I tried to do anything fancy (like adding an Anwidasoft ReverbLight to the drums and synthesizers) the sound started stuttering again. Which is a shame, 'cos it sounds so much nicer with a touch of reverb.

The plan from here? I'll try mixing the song using only compressors on each track. I might also track some of the instruments in Buzz too - each instrument currently uses 10% of the CPU as a pre-recorded wave file, but as a Buzz Generator it might only use 3%. Maybe then I'd have room to add reverb... blah, who knows?