No Direction

December 04, 2001

I spent (wasted?) a stack of time toying with a program called GoatTracker today (and yes, I think the name is awful too). GoatTracker is a Windows program that lets you write music using the sound synthesizer chip on Commodore 64 computers. (For those who don't know of the C64, it was a computer popular in the early-mid 1980s, with only 64KB of RAM and one of the best analogue synthesizer sound chips available back then).

I managed to get a quick experiment up and running very quickly, thanks to the built-in instruments (a bassdrum, snare, lead and "bass guitar" that sounds nothing like a guitar). But after I sat back and listened for a bit, I realised it sounded... well, awful? It's clear I'll have to spend a lot of time learning C64 effects commands to get anything nice sounding out of it. And who's got time for that?