Taking A Break

January 21, 2002

Crikey. Has it really been nearly a month since I started work on As We Want You (previously named As I Want You To Be)? Time is marching on way too fast with not very much to show. I'm going to have to force myself to sit down and create something. Anything. But to *finish* it instead of all of these half riffs that are sitting around... which I do still enjoy and am getting happier with, but without a finished product, what's the point?

I took a day off my "other" work today (that is, the Photoshop side of namesuppressed, the low-fi low-cost plugins that currently keep this all happening financially). It was time to trek into the city and sit by the water, even if it was only 30 minutes for a late 4pm lunch. OK, I admit, it's good to take breaks. But the statistics on my personal productivity software are going to tip massively after today.

So what I *did* end up doing today is visit every music shop in the city (almost). Despite having grand plans for the day (I had specific purchases in mind), not a single store had anything I was after. I mean, I didn't even see an SM57 anywhere!!! (SM57's are industry standard microphones, you would expect a serious music store to carry them).

As for 78s Records, they have got to be one of the most hyped stores I've ever seen - in a bad way. The front displays look great, sure (I want that poster for Bush's Golden State...) but inside it's one of the most spartan shops I've ever seen. The CDs are dead expensive (to be expected) and the range is pathetic!! Their one claim to fame is a section for local artists, but it's tiny, a single rack of CDs. I expected much more...

I think I'll stick to my favourite secondhand CD shop. There's something very grungy, punk and satisfying about buying CDs secondhand, exploring artists you've never heard of (and you can afford to experiment because they're all 1/2 the price you'd pay anywhere else). And for my music software/hardware purchases, I think I'll start shopping at (US-based) Sweetwater... you can tell Alex (my sales rep there) that I'm not that far off buying Freefilter and some damn good AKG headphones....

So anyway, I didn't get my Boss DS-1 & DS-2 distortion pedals today. I didn't get that Nirvana Singles box-set I was going to buy for a friend... but I did buy the latest issues of Computer Music & Future Music. By sheer chance, Computer Music had features on Robert Miles including samples from his latest album... I'm stoked with that purchase.

Here's hoping I can devote the time to writing something new, complete, and completely different.