Back To Basics

February 07, 2002

Yesterday I was messing around with graphics for the 2liar website (a friend's band). They asked me to do something in a particular design style that I had absolutely no idea how to do. But I gave it a shot, and instead of trying I just let things happen, to see what would come out. After 2 really awful mistakes, I came up with some artworks and styles I never thought I could make. I'm quite proud and I really, really like it... I think we have a new visual direction for namesuppressed folks :)

That simple visual experiment showed me the feeling I've been missing from my audio for, well, years now. With the music, I tend to analyse and tinker and tune until I think it's perfect - which it simply never is. I download more effects, more sounds... but I never just play anymore, never "let's see where this takes us" and make a full song out of it.

I think that's mostly down to formula - it's all too easy to say "I need a verse-chorus-verse... I need it mellow here so add namesuppressed piano... I need it grungy here, add the ns guitars". I'm going for the same old sounds because they're there and they're easy to work with. If I want something new, I'd first have to sample it, then clean it, trim it, loop it, label it, archive it. It's just plain easier to use the same old same old. (Maybe I'm just getting lazy).

In the "old days" (circa 1996) samples were harder to get, so whenever I got something I'd have to do all the sample conversion / organisation first, then I'd race into trying to write some new tune with it. That's not happening anymore - I still have gigabytes of sounds I've never tried.

So anyway... I think I know part of what's wrong with namesuppressed at the moment. I'm not playing / experimenting enough, and I need to make things easier for myself later by putting in the hard work now. Create a new sample library, bigger and better than before, all organised and ready for use when inspiration strikes and the muse arrives.