A Sparkley Piano

February 11, 2002

Played around (briefly) on a track I'd like to release for Valentine's Day. I actually started writing it last Valentine's Day... a girl I loved sent me a Valentine so I sent her one back... only to find out it wasn't a "real" valentine that she'd sent me, it was only out of friendship blah blah.... I was a bit embarrassed and offended, and I ended up writing a song. We're still good close friends though.

So yeah, played around a bit... there's this nice piano bit in the song, but it sounded kinda dull and flat. No matter - I just changed the piano sample so each note plays from a random panning position, then added 4 delayed echoes, again from random pannings. The result is a very sparkley, bright and full piano sound that seems to echo from all around, much closer to what I'd originally intended.

I'm notorious for setting myself deadlines and never meeting them, so we'll see if I have a new song for Valentine's Day. I doubt it somehow.