Didn't Happen, Did It?

February 15, 2002

At last count, I spent 7 hours today working on the Anti-Valentine anthem I Could Never Love You. I had the house to myself today, so I had the perfect opportunity to record some vocals... erm, if only I'd finished writing the lyrics. Yeah, it turns out that while the first verse, chorus and bridge are all written, the second verse was full of "filler lyrics". So that kind've stopped everything. I must get back into writing lyrics one of these days.

I did try my best to get some music written today though. I've started editing those Robert Miles samples as I promised, and it's caused the track to take an interesting direction. It's actually quietened down a bit, more epic, less grungy. I tried to mix it well too - I added some space by reverbing some stuff with the fantastic fx:reverb plugin by Ultrafunk.... the reverb was inspired by the latest CD by 2liar, simply beautiful reverb on that... (sorry, getting sidetracked again).

So, yeah... basically I started ripping out instruments to make more space in the mix, focusing on making the vocals as clear as I can. I got some new plugins to help with that, the brand new Virtos Band Extrapolator (to enhance the high frequencies and make it sound closer) and the PSP Vintage Warmer (to compress it really really nicely). I don't think my vocals have ever sounded this good. There's one catch though - I tuned everything using the RBC Voice Tweaker Pro, and it sounded great until I threw it in the mix... and realised it was tuning to all the wrong notes. (Surely I'm not that bad a singer?) I'm going to have to re-record all the vocals probably - that, or make really minute tuning adjustments, and that's very hard to do.

Ahh well. Happy Valentine's Day folks.