February 22, 2002

I had the house to myself again today, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and record new vocals for I Could Never Love You. Of course, I still haven't finalised the lyrics so it was a non-event really - though I did rewrite some lyrics, so I'm a bit further forward.

It's all quite frustrating. I've been working on this song for a year now. I only have limited opportunities to record vocals, and every time I do something goes wrong or I realise that my takes just aren't any good. Maybe I need a new microphone, maybe I need to change the vocal melody, or maybe I just need singing lessons. (Don't suppose any singers out there would like to donate a little of their time for some experiments to see which of the above is correct? I'll give you publicity on the site...!)

I'm happier with how the track is sounding now. I recorded some backing tracks to sing vocals over and they sound great - no annoying clicking in the tele-piano intro, it's all quite smooth... the bass and high frequencies need some work, but the mastering can fix that (and that Virtos Band Extrapolator plugin does some fantastic stuff....).

Not much else to say really. I haven't been working particularly hard this week, and I really must rectify that or namesuppressed is going to collapse in one big heap and the vision will be lost. And in well over 8 years I haven't lost sight of the dream....