Slow Day

March 06, 2002

Spent just a little bit of time working on music and sounds. I was inspired after discovering a neat website called iStockPhoto, a community that shares stock photography. A bit hard to explain, but it's the community/open-source equivalent of a stock photography agency. There's some truly nifty images in there, two of which inspired me... one because it's on the cover of another CD I own, the other because it's like the water on the Nevermind CD sleeve.

Anyhow. Not a lot to report tonight, loaded up As We Want You To Be again (yes I changed the name again) and messed around, came up with a bizarre experimental sonic landscape. I strongly doubt it's going to end up in the final mix... basically it involved pitching instruments to all the wrong places, up or down by several octaves. I should upload some small MP3 demo files 'cos there's no way I can describe this.

I read a brief interview of Bono, linked from Simon Wright's Diversionary blog. Some interesting thoughts - it's always good to see Kurt Cobain getting a mention, especially in conjunction with how radio is getting too sugary nowadays and we need to get back to music that means something. Bono believes the key is to focus on the song more... my guess is we need to throw away the producers and production values while focusing on the song. I've got some theories on how to do it and make it work, theories I'm not yet ready to discuss.

Blah, it hasn't been a productive day though, music wise or work wise.