Quality Control

March 21, 2002

I've spent the last few hours getting CDs and tapes ready to send to Cecily and her sister Isa. They've been nagging me for weeks (months even?) to send them copies of my music... it's not something I normally do, but they've been really supportive to me - they seem to genuinely like my music *surprised*. And they have various music industry contacts and seem willing to spread the word out where they live, so I've decided I will send them the CDs. They deserve it :)

When it came to writing a short covering note to put in the box with everything, I realised it would look pretty lame on ordinary lined A4 ring binder paper... and I've always wanted to make up one of those "With Compliments" notes you get from record companies, the press, ad agencies etc... so after a couple of hours work in Paint Shop Pro 7 I'd whipped together a quite nifty layout. I printed a few copies out and all looks good... it's got that new namesuppressed style of low-fi grunge (think photocopied black and white paper, with a background of text so close together the letters all overlap) and clean digital techno (sans serif typefaces, crisp digital photgraphs carefully overlaid). I like it anyway.

But the most torturous part of the work tonight was "Quality Control". Whenever I send out a copy of Rubicon (my first cassette album/demotape), I'm forced to listen to the whole tape, because when they were originally made some copies only had one side of music. I have to check each tape has all the songs... and quite frankly, I can't bear to listen to Rubicon anymore. It's all so offkey, so long ago, breaking voices and brainwashed (you won't hear me singing about the spirit of god much anymore)... it's embarrassing. Yet I can always see there were some good ideas in there. Wake In A Fit Of Nanga Tourette's had one of the best song titles ever, and really rocked (even if only for 2 minutes). Endless Green always was my "Teen Spirit", and Hockey Mad... well... it was just fun, people liked it and my rapping (yes, rapping) wasn't too shabby actually. The rest is pretty embarassing though... just goes to show that practice will take you a long, long way over the space of 5 years.

I've been writing more music lately, albeit not always finishing the tracks (vocals are *always* the sticking point). I started writing a new track with the codename Turrican because it reminds me of music from Commodore 64 computer games (and especially from Turrican). Yet it's not a few Pacmanesque blips, rather it's a touch moody with bigbeat leanings, and it's getting a bit political (can you blame me in this current political climate?) Individuality, trusting in yourself and doing what you believe to be right is fast becoming the namesuppressed trademark, and Turrican is with that philosophy all the way.