Bizarre Development

May 18, 2002

It's not all bad news round namesuppressed way. Over the last couple of weeks, my creative muse has returned, bringing with it a slew of new lyrics and melodic ideas. For once, the lyrics are taking precedence over the melodies, and it's going really well. I'm happy with the lyrics I'm writing, and the people I've shown them to have come away saying they're really good, and powerful, really powerful.

Perhaps too powerful.

These new lyrics are great, they have a new rhythm, have meaning and intensity and fit my songs... but I don't know where they're coming from. Normally I've got a rough idea which thoughts inspire which lyrics, and their significance, but these new lyrics are coming from nowhere and I don't understand their significance. And it all started after I bought a CD by Tool.

Those who know me very closely will know that occasionally, I have a "reaction" to music. It's almost like an allergy. Sure, many of us would claim to be allergic to Britney Spears, but what I experience is more intense, and certain music can bring on different reactions. It's like in A Clockwork Orange, where the main character is driven to committing crimes whenever he hears Beethoven. (Okay, not exactly like that, I don't go committing crimes, and it's not Beethoven in my case).

Ever since I got that Tool CD though, I've felt a little... erm... haunted? I'm sure I only played the CD twice through, and they don't exactly write catchy songs, but every morning I would wake up and my first thoughts would be lines from their songs, repeating over and over. "Sure hope we see armageddon soon" is probably the darkest example. They'd be playing in my head all day, and I'd be unable to shake the songs or the thoughts. Worst of all, I'd have this really creepy, dark feeling inside. Whatever was going on, it was scaring people around me too.

While perhaps not the best example, the lines below are some of the lyrics that were "given" to me during the last couple of weeks:

Hey, you there, such a
fake, you're always in my
way, why must you
dictate to the other ones
for the other ones
forty forty other ones

The forty - forty is especially causing concern to others more educated in history than I. I've been told that 40 in Hebrew is a number that represents betrayal, and that 40x40 would probably imply some kind of ultimate betrayal. But I really don't know. It's even more spooky when you know these lyrics are destined for a song with a slightly anti-christian bent. Any ideas?

Personally, I don't want my songs or message to become hijacked, especially by something I don't understand and can't control. So, as the only remedy I could think of, the Tool CD is in the mail to a place far away where it cannot disturb my mind further. The songs in my head and creepy feelings have finally started to fade - however, they have also taken with it the flow of new lyrics I had before.

So what do you reckon, have I finally flipped my lid? Am I completely paranoid, or is something more sinister at work here? Or is this all just a cunning story meticulously planned and devised by myself to make the Studio Diary more interesting reading? You can decide for yourself.