I get the error "Your copy of [plug-in] appears to be damaged" (SOFTEN-RG-O)

These errors occur if your namesuppressed Photoshop plug-in can't save information to its data folder. Here's some things you can try to make it work:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from our website. The latest versions of our plugins solve this problem entirely. You can download our Photoshop plugins here.
  2. Try uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling into a different folder. If you're getting these errors, don't install the plugin anywhere in your C:\Program Files folder. Try making a new folder called C:\Plugins, install your plug-in there, then set your graphics program to look in that folder for Photoshop plugins. In most cases, that will fix the problem. The instructions for this vary depending on the program you are using - check the manual that came with your graphics software, or try these instructions:
  3. If you are using Windows XP, you might need to login to your computer as an Administrator or Admin to use our plug-ins. Our old plugins weren't designed to work with XP's "Limited User" or "Guest" accounts, but the latest versions of our plugins do.
  4. If you've already bought the plug-in, try logging into your computer's Administrator account, running the plug-in and entering your unlocking code. Then log out and log back into your regular account. That may fix the problem.

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