How To Find Your Photoshop Plugins Folder

Each graphics program keeps its Photoshop Plugins folder in a different location. Some programs need you to create the folder and set it up yourself. To find instructions for your specific graphics program, choose from a link below:

A general trick for finding the Photoshop Plugins folder

On Windows 7, you can click on the "Search Programs And Files" search box in your Windows Start menu and search for "Plug-ins". (On Windows XP, this is in a Start Menu option called "Search -> For Files Or Folders".) If you type "Plug-ins" with the hyphen and without the quotes, you should find a list of folders, and one of them should be your Photoshop plug-ins folder.

Unfortunately, this trick doesn't work on Windows 10, because it doesn't search your Program Files folders anymore. Try clicking the links above for your particular graphics program to get specific instructions.

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